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I sometimes surprise myself by my own silence. But the silence in the face of brazen inhumanity is indeed tantamount to be a passive accomplice. I didn't want to write a single word about the bombed apart children and their mothers, fathers, grandpa and grandma, mangled and shredded, and of course thoroughly dehumanized in the eyes of the "civilized" world too busy celebrating the world cup soccer victory or grieving about the loss of a game or chitchatting the musings of cel ebrities and their lush lives, and going about their livelihoods, listening here and there what is happening in that faraway land that is portrayed in palatable decorum, but hesitate to speak out against this and other outrageous brutality. But not everyone is like me tongue-tied. People from all walks of life have started to come out to the streets, without caring about the all so not pleasant consequences of being put under perpetual suspicion and never ending surveillance. When I hold my new