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The Turks haven't learned the British way of denying past atrocities

Turkish Government seems to be quite ridiculous in its handling of its past atrocity. They are prosecuting a world famous writer for telling the truth. Orhan Pamuk is on trial. This fearless writer talked about past Turkish government's direct involvement in "the Armenian genocide in the first world war and the killing of the Kurds in the past decade." How dare he "denigrate Turkishness"? The Turkish "democratic" government wanted Mr. Pamuk to remaim quiet regarding its painful past. However, the "ridiculous" Turkish government's inept handling of this increasingly murky situation of their atrocious past is being more fomented by their sheer stupidity, for their arranging this trial against free speech. They should have taken heed from the British or the American Government. Perhaps the Chinese, Russian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Israel, myriads of European and Middle-East nations along with other boastful governments around the

Aspartame and Runaway Mockeries

A colleague of my will be flying back to Prince Edward Island tomorrow. His father-in-law just passed away early this morning. A forty six year old man, six feet three inches tall, apparently healthy, and just got remarried and had a new born baby. Only three months ago cancerous tumors were found in his kidney. And in the last ninety days, tumors had spread to his entire stomach, lungs and other parts of his body. Strong morphine drips struggled to keep unbearable pain at bay. Gathering family surrounded him. They laughed amidst pain. Even the dying man himself wanted to taste his favorite drink, beer, so the wife bought a six pack for him. The man drank half a can and said, "Uh....I love this taste"! When her husband died later that day, she gave away the remaining five cans of beer to his friends and family, and asked them to celebrate the deceased's life rather than pouring tears in grief. My father died of cancer too. His was in his gall-bladder that had spread to h

Harold Pinter's Nobel Lecture -- Art, Truth and Politics

Our muffed ego, inflated arrogance spiced by willful ignorance. Can they be shattered? Can the subdued conscience be invigorated once more from the last throe of dignity that left for the humanity? Our oblivious bias, shutting the eyes and ears from seeing and hearing "blood in the streets", shrieks from an orphan or bombed apart child, widow, men, women; can eyes be plied open, and dirts in ears be cleared away? Read Pablo Neruda's following lines from a poem: And you will ask: why doesn't his poetry speak of dreams and leaves and the great volcanoes of his native land. Come and see the blood in the streets. Come and see the blood in the streets. Come and see the blood in the streets! Harold Pinter's health will not allow him to attend Nobel prize ceremony in Stockholm this year, but his pen did not stay silent. At this advanced age of his life while achieving the most coveted literary award from our contemporary world, he has nothing to lose. His followi