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Opposing Discrimination

Opposing discrimination takes courage, it’s time for all of us to be courageous. A timely article:

Ei Duniya Ekhon To Aar - Instrumental Music

Instrumental music of a Bangla song that Mitali Mukherji sang many years ago. Music director of this melodic song was Alauddin Ali and lyricist was Amzad Hossain. This song was originally recorded for a Bangla movie called "Dui Paiser Alta". Bangla lyrics: এই দুনিয়া এখন তো আর সেই দুনিয়া নাই মানুষ নামের মানুষ আছে দুনিয়া বোঝাই এই মানুষের ভীড়ে আমার সেই মানুষ নাই।। এই মাটির দেহ খাইলো ঘুনে দেখলো না তো কেউ সারা জীবন দুই নয়নে রইলো জলের ঢেউ আমার দুঃখের কথা কইতে গেলে এ ই দুনিয়ার সবাই বলে শোনার সময় নাই।। হায় এখন বুঝি দারুণ সময় বদলে গেছে দিন কেউ আমারে চায় না দিতে একটু সময় ঋণ আমার মনের বাগান রইলো খালি সে বাগানের সুজন মালি বলো কোথায় পাই।

A Tribute to Avijit Roy

The news of Avijit Roy's brutal murder in Bangladesh stunned me, took away all my words for last few days. I knew Avijit from the early days of discussion forums and blogs, had good exchanges of ideas and debate with him from time to time. Last few years I've lost the contact with this man of profound curiosity and genuine outlook to understand our common humanity and existence. The murder of this immensely talented writer by the thugs, whose identity still remain unknown even though there were many security cameras pointing toward the exact spot where he was struck from behind amplifying the cowardice killers' heartless method once more, even allegedly only a short distance from Bangladeshi law enforcement folks who just looked on while the killers assaulted Avijit and his wife in front of many other onlookers. No one came forward to help them. No one screamed and showed compassion for a human being who had in his relatively short lifetime always stepped forward to pr