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Faith of the Heart

Originally performed by Rod Stewart and written by Diane Warren for a great film Patch Adams, I came to listen to this song again in Star Trek: Enterprise episodes performed by Russell Watson, and found it to have a catchy tune and memorable lyrics.

Shahbag Protests - Observations

The photos from Shahbag are stunning. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in this square, as if waves of people in a tumult ocean, singing, protesting, united in one common cause, asking for the capital punishment for all war criminals. The passion of people, many of them born many years after the 1971 war , their yearning for justice that were long been snubbed in these past 4 decades after the liberation war in Bangladesh, look refreshing, and feel rejuvenating. The demand for fairness and a democratic system free from any religion and violence based politics are long standing. The history of Jamaat and its past and current alliances are well documented, though perhaps can be fading in memory. There are precedence in history when the war criminals are put into trial many years after the war ended. Many Nazi members after the Second World War’s inhumane brutality are the prime examples. The majority of Bangladeshi’s demand is to see justice been done on these crim