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Rest in Peace - Poem

Rest in Peace By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) June 25, 2009 Neda, rest in peace. Michael Jackson, rest in peace. Farah Fawcett, rest in peace. Ali Akbar Khan, rest in peace. Ed Mcmahon, rest in peace. Rest in peace In tranquil unknown of hollow “seventh” sky Or heaven Where bullets or bombs do not strike the innocents Moon like crescents And sun of oblivion Dangle in wrangling flare In other dimensional singularity Deaths do us apart From world of nostalgia And horror Too specific Too corroding To sing or muse For brick by brick laid out And choreographed abuse From hellish junta And diffused freedom Neatly branded As grail holy Holy moly! “Beat It” like it is the end “Beat It” like “Time to Pretend” Rest in Peace In wholesome, glorious abyss

Rock - a Poem

Rock By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) June 21, 2009 As if the earth weren’t round The ocean weren’t blue As if the sky has changed Into pale greyish hue Tumbling once Tumbling twice Tumbling so many times Like scurried mice Walking into thunder Splattered drops of rain Deafening blast of silence Brings in zodiac chain As if the Mayan Calendar ends In prophecy foretold As if doomsayers’ 2012 doom Secrecy too bold Ticking clock Freedom knock Sea of protests in Persia Guns and bullets, Useless For raging rock

"All of us share this world for but a brief moment in time"

What makes Obama different is his ability to speak truth, acknowledging history, but the urgency to moving forward: "All of us share this world for but a brief moment in time. The question is whether we spend that time focused on what pushes us apart, or whether we commit ourselves to an effort – a sustained effort – to find common ground, to focus on the future we seek for our children, and to respect the dignity of all human beings.. It is easier to start wars than to end them. It is easier to blame others than to look inward. The Holy Koran tells us, "O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another." The Talmud tells us: "The whole of the Torah is for the purpose of promoting peace." The Holy Bible tells us, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." The people of the world can live together in peace. We know that is God's vision. Now, that