Another year nearing its end. 2007 on earth, the lives of many, happiness and sorrow, greed and stupendous philanthropy, the good and the bad, and the middle who are no where in the intensive political spectrum of polarized cacophony. Another year gone by. Some wishes unfulfilled, more memorable moments deposited in memory banks, and the departed, suddenly mortality's crude appearance, literally in a heartbeat, reminding the fragility of everything we see, feel and appreciate. Life is indeed finite, perhaps too short for many, even the centurian may tell you the same.

Regardless of which faith, religion or non-religion one may have, or desperately trying to clinging to that soothing feeling of definiteness, the feeling of purpose, and destination, though surrounding are the irrefutable facts of scientific paradigm where faithfuls' yearning and prayer evaporate from simmering empirical evidential logic.

Perhaps this is the one life to live. Or perhaps infinite many to live after this finite one. But in this world, in this time, what we have, every moments, is precious, not in economic scale, but in the scale of infinite dreams.