The Army of Salvation - a Poem

Last week my colleagues and I had visited the local Salvation Army as volunteers. The  poem below is written for that occasion. If you would like to donate, check the following site: 

The Army of Salvation - a Poem
By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
December 20, 2012

We, the BA and the QA team of heart
And mind with analysis and quality
Took proudly part in helping the army
Of salvation in a day of winter chill
We gathered in a soulful group of zeal
And picked the toys, sorted in carts
Checked out, hoping the bliss and joys
Will find the hands of girls and boys
Bringing the cheery season’s blessings
Into the hearts of many in grim distress

These are the days of giving
These are the days of sharing
Twining our meager existence
With the ones fallen from the fortune
A staffy, a set of miniature cars, crayon
And coloring books, nifty festoon
Can surely erase tears, bringing smile
In mom, dad, children, melting the fortress
Of misery, where love marches in style