Donkeys – a Poem

Donkeys – a Poem
By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
December 19, 2012

Their friends are made of
Lego, one tiny block snuggled
With other block of clay
Manufactured in the land of disappeared dream
These can be twisted one way
Or the other, transforming into cuddled
Shape like embracing king

Their friends are king of
Shadow, blown creepy rock huddled
With other shock of ray
Often tinkered in the grandiose denatured stream
These can be busted one way
Or the other, transposing into muddled
Ape and brandishing bling

Bow your head, salute and walk
Like an apocalyptic zombie with blood
Smeared lips trembling unuttered words
Of crusted poem from the days of rising
Sun and beaming moon
Here the zombies with guns and
Knives with disheveled hair and foamy eyes
Twaddle in darkness of spinning light

Bow your head, salute and walk
Like a ballyhoo mystic lofty with mud
Cleared lips mumbling the censored shards
Of basted poem from the nights of beaming
Moon and hiding sun
Here the donkeys with yearns and
Hides with distressed ears and puckish eyes
Babble in lightness of grinning blight