I Say, Write - a Poem

I Say, Write - a Poem
By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
November 20, 2012

I say, write
Write like a man free of fear and guilt
Without temptations or reverence of greed
Your pen may dry up, papers torn
And the spherical light bulb may dim
Don’t give a hoot or care the monstrous critique
Keep putting words on that paper or digital screen
Glowing or rustling with seductive hiss

You may say what to write?
Anything you can think of is okay
Anything you can set eyes is quite good
Even the crawling spiders or distant wolves
Can bring out the desire of a scribe
To craft that story or a poem of love or despair
Perhaps the war torn and ravaged nation of faraway tongue
Or the snow fall in minus 20 degree Celsius and the hefty boot
Of a homeless shadow with a faded political slogan
Your words, paragraphs and even the punctuations
May outlive you, yes, for years to come
Your phrases, metaphors and subtle nuances
May inspire someone or no one, who cares!

Write like a manic dancer on a disco floor
Oblivious to all and nothing in cyber and real beat
In the end, we all return to dust, mighty or poor
Granular sized bones, even smaller than shredded paper
So, devour that well hidden Halloween chocolate treat
Wash away the restraint, trepidation and spoiled screed

I say, write
Write like a man free of fear and guilt