Re: Dances of Wolves in Perpetual Wars

Replying to:

Shaun: “Not pressing at the time? Not relevant? “

My Reply: These are called fictitious issues under a fictitious leader. Michael Moore is right about this. The neo-cons invent fictitious scenario as they did during the cold war. The same is true for the “evil” Russian empire. They invented fictitious enemies and kept fighting them for the spoils of war. Stalin did the same. As Hitler invented fictitious enemies among law abiding German and Polish Jews or among the faraway “impure” gentiles. And have you forgotten the “Gulf of Tonkin’s infamous history just before the bloodiest onslaught in Vietnam?

Shaun: “Increasing hostility towards the United States perpetrated with increasingly violent acts and increasingly dedicated members of violent groups acting with more effective communication. Sounds relevant to me. Sounds pretty current unless you've been reading different newspapers for the last few years.”

My Reply: Unless you have been reading only conservative belly burning propaganda, you must have implored what’s really happening in this world. Increasing hostility towards the United States? What about increasing hostility towards the rest of the world by the American Bush administration? Neo-cons want you to see the world in black and white. They want you to distinguish the world as “either you are with us or you are with the terrorist”. But is this world so simplistic like those neo-cons’ whims? Indeed there are terrorists who are violating every norms of human dignity by killing innocent civilians. But so is the present Bush administration when they defiantly use the cluster bombs to incinerate Iraqi babies and pregnant mothers. Sounds relevant to me. Sounds pretty current unless you’ve been reading altogether out of synch newspapers for the last few years amidst conservative celebration.

Shaun: “There has to be an American response to this increased threat to national security and I don't see how you intend to discuss the effects without discussing the cause. “

My Reply: Just after 9-11 the entire world was with the American people. The world shed tears, gathered in common unison to share the universal agony that the Americans felt at those moments of infamy. But what happened after that? How spuriously Bush Administration managed to turn the world sympathy into protests against American zeal? Force and over-force can never make a nation secured ad infinitum, there must be reconciliation, and searching the causes of confrontations among nations and people, the clashes of ideologies must be implored and peaceful negotiations must be undertaken without diving into greedy motives. We must discuss the cause, as you agree, to alleviate the ill effects of terrorism and brutal aggressions.

Shaun: “Your comments are as contradictory as Karim's. You rally against the use of force in this war which you call illegal and at the same time denounce what you see as an increasing willingness, or at least tolerance by the American people of the use of force by the American government. “

My Reply: Not only me, millions of peace loving people around the world rallied against use of force in this ill-conceived war. American people and American Government, especially the Bush Administration are not the synonymous terms. There are fundamental differences between them. American people are overwhelmingly peace loving as the rest of the world’s citizens are. It is the neo-cons infested Bush administration that is using all forms of lies, deceits to justify their warrior causes. Even the Nobel Laureate American ex-President Jimmy Carter was bold and clear in his opposition against this horrible war. Senator Byrd was prolific in his denouncement of Bush Administration just before the war rolled out. There are possibly good folks in present Bush administration as well, but they seem to be, at least for now, in the loosing side in the battle against the much stronger neo-cons establishment.

Shaun: “Have you so soon forgotten that the American people's wearinees of warfare and the fear of increased casualties was exactly what stopped American forces from removing Saddam from power in Iraq during the "Legal" Gulf War and limited the ongoing military function to one of containment?”

My Reply: No, I have not forgotten the first “Legal” Gulf war. Perhaps you have forgotten what lead to that war. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how and why the brutal Saddam got so much decorated pampers and bravados from the Reagan administration? Even Rumsfeld was all smile, shaking the dictator’s silky hand as if they were the best pals. Remember? America was still in the cocoon of anguish due to its severe loss of human lives during the Vietnam war and the Bush the first didn’t have the stomach to engage the nation once again into another potentially casualty prone war. But there are safe distances of almost three decades now from those painful Vietnam memories. And now that 911 fears is whipped up with the concerted efforts by strange relationship between the neo-cons and the so-called “liberal media”, publics’ psychology are tweaked for other grandiose wars.

Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
May 7, 2003