Legendary bandit buried in India

How convenient is it to kill a "bandit" rather than taking him to the due process of justice, unless there are reasons to worry for the law enforcement officials in India that a captured "bandit" might disclose the names of powerful boys high up involved in shady matters. Read the following from a BBC article: "A leading human rights group has called for an inquiry into Veerappan's killing.

The group, People's Watch, say the killing could have been avoided.

Its head, Henry Tiphagne, asked in an interview with the BBC Tamil Service: "Why could the 100 armed police officers who surrounded Veerappan not have forced him to surrender or simply wounded him?"

Tamil Nadu police say the killing of Veerappan and three associates was the result of months of planning.

Veerappan had many times told journalists how he had bribed police and politicians, and had made clear he would give details if he was ever tried.

Mr Tiphagne said, with Veerappan's death, the allegations of his links to leading figures in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka could not be examined. "

How convenient!