Democracy in a world of inequality

<>In the world of inequality, any "....cracy" or "...ism" may only bring the glimpse of that utopian land, but not the real deal.


Democracy in a world of inequality

The system we are exporting is wilting under under egoism's rule

Peter Preston
Monday May 16, 2005
The Guardian

Here's George Bush, playing the crowds from Riga to Tbilisi and waving his "beacon of liberty". It's a wonderful thing, this democracy. And here's Tony Blair, counting his 36% and trying to polish a few wan adjectives. It's a cruel, apathetic thing, this democracy.

We see the birth of freedom - in Bucharest or East Berlin - because it makes great TV. We watch misty-eyed as that statue of Saddam topples for the umpteenth time. And then the years of disillusion kick in. East Germans tell pollsters how they hanker for the past. Iraq grits its teeth as the carnage grows and the magic of the ballot fades.