Twisted Logic of a Terrorist

Mohammed Siddique Khan, in red and white bandanna, holding a microphone or a pen, looking serene while giving a lecture to the world audience. His chilling message has captured the attention of world media. Along with Katrina's vicious aftermath, Mr. Khan's attempt to justify killing innocent civilians in the name of attaining fairness or liberation is ludicrous. Was he in some type of dope? His eyes were not droopy, perhaps it was something else altogether.

What does this young man mean? Indeed, there is irrefutable injustices happened throughout the world, millions and millions of people including Muslims along with all the other religionists and unbelievers were and are subjected to inhumanity of magnum proportions from the time no one remembers now. But how dare he tries to justify killing and maiming innocent people in the name of rectifying past atrocities committed on "his people"? Doesn't it raise question in his convoluted belief system? What type of "God" or "Prophet" would want "His" or "his" followers to act like bunch of murderers so that their "words are dead until we give them life with our blood"?

"It's not only your blood, Mr. Khan," one may say, "but you are spilling blood of other people, completely innocent, including women and children." And by doing that, Mr. Khan is providing more ammunitions to the neo-conservative infested governments in the Western world to spill more innocent blood in the Muslim world without caring much of world opinions.

Blood for blood. Death for death. Eye for an eye. When will this depraved cycle of retribution be ending? In the "judgment day"?

Mr. Khan, you are possibly dead now (unless there is a mind numbing conspiracy), and you are dead wrong in your twisted logic. Simple words of condemnation is not enough damning your and also other terrorists' and neo-conservatives' vile outlook.



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