Do You Believe in Magic?

Do You Believe in Magic?

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)

February 10, 2007

Do you believe in magic? I don't. But many do.

People believe in all sorts of things. Like ghosts in the closet waiting to scare the life out of you. Guardian angels standing by to protect from danger. Living God or Goddesses materializing from antiquated scriptures. Whatever.

Do you believe in immortality? Maybe you do. Maybe not. To me, this question is losing its relevancy. What is the point of being immortal if pain and sufferings follow you from this life to "another"?

For most mortal beings, life is a battlefield. From the early childhood in the midst of bullies, muscular competitors in the soccer field, to mathematics tutor who had grumpy face, life throws so many obstacles to overcome, so many "wars" to win, that in the end, reaching certain age and wisdom, all the tidbits and pleasantries that may surface time to time, seem so mundane, useless.

I know there is beauty to be observed in that flying butterfly, so colorful, vibrant in its energetic movement from one flower to another. If I look at the sky above, in a dark night when all the lights are switched off, not a single shred of cloud is visible, I could see the magical celestial bodies, sparkling and twinkling stars scattered around just like precious white diamonds. So many unknown "worlds", galaxies, dark matters and universes beyond our imagination perhaps exist in this or other dimensions, that it will surely boggle down any truth seeker's lofty head.

Even in the relentless waves of oceans, slamming on pungent coral reef, or sweeping granular sands from decimeter to millimeter in an abandoned beach, you can feel the undercurrent virtuosity of our visible world intermingling with the possible invisible ones. Visibility itself has its limitation. Only a tiny fraction of spectrum that we the human beings can see. Other animals can see different part of the spectrum, or they may have better perception of visibility than our super egotistic self.

What a bloated head we have! We the humans. The kings and queens of our world. The tramplers. The ravishers. Misfit for this natural world. Our infatuated ego have blinded us from differentiating right from wrong. Our endless greed has put an unmovable curtain over our glossy eyes.

Perhaps, once upon a time, far and far away from our contemporary atrocious reality, magic did exist in that magical world. In that world of tranquility and immeasurable beauty, human beings were indeed embodiment of purity, like the living God or angel that most so crave for in our world. In that pleasing world, poverty was indeed only to be looked at the "Poverty Museum". No fighter jets or cruise missiles existed, neither any crude weapons like box cutters or elongated swords were required since magic had taken away all the ferocity, murderous vengeful instincts from fellow beings. In that infinitely charming world, the conspirators, fabricators of "truth"simply vanished in magical labyrinth or celestial black hole.

Do you believe in magic? I don't. But many do.