Web 2.0 wave starts to take hold

It has already started. Cool online softwares slowly but definitely are replacing the old pc based ones. If you consider the benefits of online software, it makes sense:

One incentive for companies to supply online software is compatibility. In one go all customers can be upgraded to the newest version and create files that are universally compatible, unlike different generations of Word documents.

"Another advantage of online software is that the companies can track exactly what you do and how you use it. Then they can target specifically to you," said Mr Thompson.

"If you send a lot of e-mails about they'll know that maybe you're trying to buy a cellphone, and they can serve you ads on cellphones.

"So the companies really like it, and it's to the companies' advantage for the software to work extremely well and for you to use it all the time because then they get more information and then they can sell you more stuff."

That is surely a huge incentive in the world of market oriented societies.

Web 2.0 wave starts to take hold