Higher education sees rise in dishonesty

There is reason to be concerned. Cheating in classroom, examination hall or homework assignments, are becoming things of the "norm" at universities and colleges around the world "with one study reporting as many as 70 percent of undergraduates admit at least one instance of cheating."

How does cheating devalue someone's honestly earned degrees? Here is an answer: "I think the ... more frightening figure is the fact that 20 (percent) to 25 percent admit to five or more (instances of cheating)," said Tim Dodd, executive director of the Center for Academic Integrity, which is based at Duke. "The fact that we have a quarter of more of our students admitting they've engaged in serial cheating does not inspire a lot of confidence about the credibility of their degrees."

Credibility of degrees is indeed essential for a student who is not involved with future "leadership's" Enron like deceptions at higher education institutions, but disheartening statistics like the above brings down an overall shadow made of doubts and mockeries on someone's hard fought and dedicated struggles. With cheating these "future leaders" raise their grades, their grade point averages above the fellow non-cheating students, thus creating their own confident strides to "success" and "glory", cheating out someone else's devoted scholastics who are pushed toward subservient drudgeries under the cheating inflated masters.

Our world is full of "glories", indeed!



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Higher education sees rise in dishonesty