Batteries Not Included

This CBC program on recycling batteries was re-broadcast today. Here is a quote from CBC site:

"Rechargeable batteries are loaded with heavy metals. Non-rechargeable alkaline ones contain potassium hydroxide, a potent corrosive. The button cells used in hearing aids and watches have mercury in them. Long story short, there is no such thing as a battery that is friendly on the inside."

The interview by Erica Johnson with a representative who is part of battery recycling process shows how inept this program is, less than 10% battery being recycled in Canada after more than ten years of this recycle program had started, rest of them goes to landfill, poisoning the earth. But when the program host Erica took recycle matter on her own, she inspired and collected thousands of batteries from school children, offices, and ordinary people in a small town came forward bringing all those hazardous "dead" batteries. It proves, once again, that ordinary folks are willing to take actions, take the necessary steps for the betterment of environment or the world, all is needed is active guidance and forward thinking "push" from government, media, local and regional organizations.


Link to CBC site: