Traumatized Rohingya flee squalid life in Bangladesh

Images by Greg Constantine, International Herald Tribune
"How to measure or comprehend the terror - or perhaps it's the love - that propels a man to leave his family, quite possibly forever, and climb penniless into a boat to find uncertain work a thousand miles away in a place where he knows he'll be both unwelcome and liable to arrest? For that matter, what hellish existence could send a family fleeing to a refugee camp where conditions resemble, charitably, the 12th century?"
For Burmese military junta, they are non-existent, for Bangladesh and Thailand, these are unwelcome refugees. Living in squalid refugee camps where basic amenities for a human life is considered a pompous luxury, the miserable lives of Rohingyas do not knock any palpable sigh from world's collective indifference.

Should we just forget the agonies of these men, women and children? Politically marginalized Rohingyas flee their homeland Burma everyday, seeking desperate shelter in neighboring nations, getting on dingy boats crossing high seas to lands in the hope of finding jobs to help their stranded family back in refugee camps. Only very recently their plights and horrible treatments by various governments, especially Thailand, have started to emerge. Deaths in the sea, starvations in refugee camps, outright brutality by Burmese military juntas are part of their struggling lives and unmentionable deaths.

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