Furrowed Checkmate - a Poem

Furrowed Checkmate

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)

March 4, 2009

(Dedicated to the memories of victims from BDR mutiny in Bangladesh)

Into the wild

Where gilded leaves of grass

Fungi, moss and shredded wood

Trespass the land of blitz

Mushrooms, discoloured and defrosted

By beetle predators

Like deflowered umbrella

Open to shed rain and snow falling

Into the fold of disquiet

Have you seen the soaring eagle? Predator?

Pursuing a fleeing parakeet

Swishing by, gliding thru layer

Of deformed cloud and dead cool air

When corpses are buried

Emblazoned guilty and non-guilty are hanged

From ropes of stupor decor

Wild ushers in sweeping swap

Of clammy gambit

Knights, bishops and pawns

Sacrificed for furrowed checkmate

In middle game of force, time and structure

Don’t you mention the endgame!

That remains sanctified for the bamboozled sacred