Bangladesh - On the Frontlines of Climate Change

This video documentary from a photojournalist Ami Vitali gives a description of grim and slow motion catastrophe in action. Beautifully rendered, telling the stories of lives not talked about in urgency as it demands. 

Video Link:

The following is an extract from an article in The Atlantic where the above video was posted.
"The village of South Tetulbaria in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, relies on fishing but climate change threatens this way of life. In November 2010 Mamtaz Begum, a young widow from Barguna, stood up and demanded justice for vulnerable communities near to the Bay of Bengal at a ‘Climate Tribunal’ in the capital, Dhaka. 
The climate tribunals are developing the idea that those responsible for climate change, can and should be held accountable through the law. Specifically they explore the possibilities for using national laws to hold governments and other private actors accountable for the impacts of the changing climate on vulnerable communities."
Ami Vitali's following reply to a question on why she got into photography and video provides a forgotten axiom:
"I feel a duty to tell the quieter stories that reach beyond the headlines and often reveal that no matter how different a place may look on the surface, the truth is that nearly all people on this planet share the same values. There is no difference of feelings and emotions amongst people everywhere and we are all tied together in an intricate web, whether we believe it or not."
Many kudos to a brave journalist!