Coffee Houser Sei Addata – a Nostalgic Song of Manna Dey – Transient Moments

A very old song from Manna Dey, the legendary Bengali singer, “Coffee Houser Sei Addata Aaj ar Nei” – meaning, “That hangout in the coffee house is no more” – is such a melancholic and nostalgic song that the listeners, the lovers of this timeless song can easily get completely immersed with the vivid images that the lyrics describe, the life of old friends, the successful ones, and the ones whose poems never get published, and the one whom the life has not forgiven, who is dying from cancer, and the editor of a newspaper, and his critiques, the debates of poets and their poetry, the artist who used to draw for an advertising firm, and his silent admirer, these are all lyrically sung by Manna Dey, a singer who is undoubtedly remain in the highest respectable place in listeners’ hearts.

This is a song of life and its transient moments of happiness, fleeting and temporary, seems too short of a life, the forgotten and the faded faces of long lost friends, scattered around, some lost in the depth of oblivion, some lost in the whirlwind of chaos, but that Coffee House still remains intact, where new laughter emerge from the new faces, new gossips, new ages, drinking coffee, as did the singer before in his time with his beloved friends who are all long gone, far away.

Enjoy your drink, and reminisce, and of course cherish every blessings of this life, evanescent and never permanent.