He Dola He Dola - Instrumental Music of a song originally composed and performed by legendary singer Bhupen Hazarika - a tribute to this great artist

Instrumental music of a song "He Dola, He Dola". Lyrics and original music were composed and also performed by Bhupen Hazarika, a legend whose songs resonate the universal theme of humanity. He was a great man, sang the songs of the common men and women who struggle to survive but remain invisible to the pomposity and indifference.

Song lyrics in Bangla:

Dola He Dola He Dola He Dola
Aka baka pothe mora kadhey niye chutey jai
raja moharajader dola he dola
Amader jiboner ghamey bheja shorirer
Binimoye poth choley dola he dola
Heiyana heiyana heiyana heiya (2)
He dola he dola he dola he dola

Dolar bhetorey jholmol korey je
shundor poshaker shaaj
Ar fiey firey dekhi tai jhikmik korey je
mathay reshomer kaaj
Hay mor cheletir ulongo shorirey
Ektu jama nei khola
Du chokhey jol eley montake bedhe je
tobuo boye jai dola he dola
He dola he dola he dola he dola

Joogey joogey chuti mora kadhey niye dolati
deho bhenge bhenge porey o porey
O ghumey chokh dhulu dhulu raja moharajader 
amader gham jhorey porey o porey
Oochu oi paharey dhirey dhirey oothey jai
bhalo korey pa melena
Hothat kadher thekey pichliye jodi porey
are dola jabey nako tolaa
raja moharajar dola
boto boro manusher dola he dola

My crude translation of this poetic song:

Hey dola (carriage), hey dola, hey dola
On non linear path we rush 
with taking on our shoulder 
the carriage carrying kings and great kings 
Hey dola
The carriage moves because of our lives'
sweaty bodies
Say "heiyana, heiyana, heiyana heiya"
Hey dola hey dola hey dola hey dola

Inside the carriage, sparkles that
beautiful clothes' style
And that's the reason I repeatedly look backwards 
and see that glittering decoration of "resham" on top of the head
Alas! My boy's naked body does not have any shred of cloth
When tears rush to eyes, grip the mind tight
Still carry the carriage (hey dola)
Hey dola hey dola hey dola hey dola

From generation to generation
We rush taking the carriage on our shoulder
Our bodies break and tumble
That eyes of the kings and great kings 
look sleepy 
Our sweat falls and falls
To that peak of the mountain
slowly we climb
the feet sometimes cannot balance the load
If suddenly from our shoulders that carriage slips and falls
then that carriage cannot be pulled back 
Kings and the great kings' carriage
Big and great men's carriages, hey carriage