Remembering Robin Williams

Robin Williams' sudden death today I find to be disheartening. One actor amongst many he was but curved his unique place by his natural talent in acting that felt so genuine and sincere. What has shocked me more is the eerie resemblance of his demise with the theme of an unforgettable movie of 90s call What Dreams May Come.

Pre Netflix era, in now defunct Blockbusters and other movie rental places I used to search for movies that had Robin Williams. So many remarkable movies he was in, making us cry and laugh, directing us questioning our own bigotry and perhaps stoking the subdued goodness. He was there with his larger than life laughter, poetic soliloquies, as an inspiring doctor in Patch Adams or as a loving father in Mrs. Doubtfire, as a therapist in The Good Will Hunting and an unorthodox poetry professor in The Dead Poet Society. Robin Williams gave it all portraying these and many other characters, making them part of our life and consciousness

Rest in peace Robin Williams amid the fairies, angels and flowers. You will be missed.