One Day

One day, the world and its populace will be more matured. One day, the science and technology will leap to a new evolutionary height, so helpful to all humanity, uplifting the dispossessed and the poverty stricken from the depth of despair, solving all the human created and natural problems that have befuddled humanity from the time of antiquity.

All the refugees who are desperately crossing the ocean, walking through the darkened woods and forests, sneaking through the barb wires, children, women, men, elderly and disable human beings, leaving all their possessions in the rubble of their ruined homeland to find a better place for a decent life, one day the collective core of goodness of humanity will be awaken, will not stay silent on the sideline seeing the humiliation and tears of their fellow beings. One day, all the hatred and dehumanization will be things of the past, and the world and its happy populace will march forward toward more maturity and respectful coexistence on this tiny planet, the third rock from the sun, in a solar system that is only one of billions residing in a galaxy out of countless many more.

We are like the dust speck. So minute, so insignificant in the overall cosmic expanse. In this tiny bit of our existence, sharing the minuscule amount of time with the other fellow beings, humans, animals, plants. One day our insignificance will be clearer, we will know our place in existential insignificance but will also know the significance of our conscious conscience.

Life is beautiful. After my son was born, new light has brought new insights. It is as if I have gone back to my own childhood. He loves to play ball, tries to throw it with his tiny arms, and excitedly says "bawwwl". Pointing to his picture books, he says, "book", one of his very first words. He loves to "read" books, though at this age, only 16 months old, he can only understand the pictures in the book, but already started picking up a few alphabets.

Life is indeed beautiful. Even amid all the troubles and travails, daily routines of work, world is still a beautiful place. Every breath that we take, every moment that we spend with our family, the loved ones, bring joys, happiness and contentedness.

One day, all humanity will be united for the common goal of the betterment of each other and our tiny planet and beyond.