My Fear for You, My Son - a Poem

My fear for you, my son
while holding you closest to my heart
listening to your mild heartbeat
My fear for you, my son
Is the world turning into
a void full of people
without remorse or regret

You walk and giggle
all the pure delight shining through you
You hold my fingers tight
while exploring room to room
touching new things, objects of your fascination
dancing with your favorite nursery rhymes
and building structure with colorful blocks
you say broken words, made up words
no language puts barrier
no religion clouds your simple thoughts
and pleasure exploring the world
as it is and not make believe by the idiotic adults

My fear for you, my son
while feeding you a squeezed orange
smearing your face with my clumsy palm
that you will grow up in a world
receded to the time of medieval feuds
where the cries of oppressed and dispossessed
are laughed and jeered at with beguiling farce