American Choice

Election day in America is only few days away. It's Sunday night and the election is on Tuesday. The entire world looks to be on the edge. I have followed all the American elections from the beginning of my political consciousness and also was fortunate to take two rigorous American History and two American Government courses while studying at American universities. The intense debates between the right and the left, and the festive atmosphere of the campaigns, stump speeches, endless news analysis, these are all part of this intriguing election process.

In 21st century, like its predecessor 20th century, America is still looked upon as the beacon of hope in most parts of our wold. When subjugated people in severely autocratic ruled nation march in protest filled processions, many look upon American style of freedom of speech, representational democracy and its allure of modernity and a nation based on tolerance and decency.

Yes, nothing is perfect in this world, not is America. It has its flaws. Unfortunate racial tensions, gun violence, the lengthening gap between have and have not, these are all part of this flawed democratic system. Among all these terribleness, America is still a dream nation for most of the populace of our world. The glitzy movies from Hollywood, the heart bursting super unhealthy but 'delicious' burger, enthralling music album of American great singers and musicians, novels and non fictions of first class caliber writers, and super human American athletes from almost all kinds of sports, from basketball to football to baseball to swimming, among many other best of the best kinds personalities, entities or simple myths, the relatively near past and contemporary world populace look at America as the greatest nation of our world, and wants their own nation to emulate American success story.

"Make America Great Again" - when I hear this mouthful slogan from the Republican candidate Donald Trump - the first thing that comes to my mind as an avid reader of American history is that America is already a great nation, and perhaps the greatest of all nations in world's history of homo sapiens.

Yes, where criticism is due I was never hesitant to utter my criticisms, including the horrible invasion of Iraq in 2003 and many other fiasco during Bush/Cheney Presidency. I was vocal whenever I could against any forms of human rights abuse, killings and injuring of innocent civilians including women and children by that merciless war and its aftermath. Unless it is absolutely needed to protect innocent civilians from a desperate situation, war should always be the last resort as time and time again it has been proven in human history that diplomatic solution is the best option in overwhelmingly majority cases.

Like many I felt puzzled seeing the improbable rise of Donald Trump. I used to love his TV reality show The Apprentice, waited eagerly to see how he handled the final board room confrontations and uttered the fateful words: "You are fired". However, the Donald Trump that emerged during this Presidential Election campaign was shocking. I had also read a book that Donald Trump wrote with Guy Kawasaki about a decade ago, and if my memory is serving me correctly, it is about making the reader rich by becoming a good investor. Throughout the entire election campaign I felt that the Donald Trump I had known about from his popular show The Apprentice and the well written book I had read before, is not the same. His depiction of Mexicans as the rapists and drug traffickers, denigrating the comparatively tiny minority American Muslim community by insisting and unmistakably insinuating that all Muslims are somehow complicit to all the horrible crimes and violence committed by thugs and terrorists are beyond comprehension for me. Then came the disgusting "locker room banter" where Mr. Trump was boasting his "celebrity" status where he could do anything to women is jaw dropping. Only thing I could think was how can a great nation like America let this type of candidate representing one of the major parties?

Undoubtedly, Hilary Clinton is the most experienced and versatile candidate in comparison to Donald Trump. Her impeccable resume filled with super duper educational background, law career where she fought for the marginalized of the society, her heart felt efforts to bring universal health care to America while she was the First Lady, being the Senator of New York and the agonizing campaign against President Obama and later becoming the Secretary of State. She is articulate, passionate in her cause and a champion fighter like the greatest boxer Muhammad Ali was in his prime and can still win the hard fought bout. I am not sure if there is any other American politician who has gone through so much scrutiny and criticism,, mostly unfair in my humble opinion, than Hilary.

American voters are now in the driving seat. They will choose one candidate to be the next American President. Not even 48 hours left when the voting begins in this most indecent and intolerable election campaign I have observed. So much political division with electrifying polarization. So much bigotry filled words, negative portrayals of the opposing candidate and manipulating prospective voters' emotions by making them afraid of the most vulnerable segments of its society. The sooner this election season ends, the better it is. At least one can hope that much.

Whoever wins on Tuesday, I don't know how he or she would bring the nation together after portraying each other the devil with horns. But I have trust in American checks and balance based democracy.