Modern nation states need trade. The unprecedented prosperity, stability and peace that exist in majority of world nations, except some heartbreaking war zones, need uninterrupted trade between nations. The recent tariff set by various nations that hurt a wide segment of the business world, and eventually the general populace bear the cost. It's not productive. It does not bring peace in the end.

Historically, from ancient time to recent memories, violent wars broke out among various nations due to miscalculations, misinterpretations and to placate domestic political constituents. The legitimate and sometimes not legitimate fears of rising nations by the nations with the most global or regional power at the time, put otherwise friendly nation states at each other's throat. It begins with manageable small skirmishes, then it expands to larger battles, and full scale war as it happened during First and the Second World Wars, costing the lives of millions of innocent people, destruction of economies, uprooting of entire populace, unthinkable genocides, and lost opportunities to use that wasted resources in the advancement of science, technologies, health and helping people lifting out of poverty instead.

The world cannot sustain another disastrous global war. With the abundance of destructive weapons available, the outcome can be truly apocalyptic.

The current trend of retaliation by using tariff, done by all major powers of this age, must be reversed. To progress toward a more equitable world where all human population is moved out of poverty, having concerted efforts minimizing and resolving the myriads of problems arising from climate change, and helping humanity to win against all life ending diseases, the nation states must act like the matured and responsible entities.

This is the one world we have. The very short existence that we all share must not be wasted.