Nah! It's all rumor, lies and deception
The earth is flat and the sun moves around
We never gone to moon, all fabrication
Only the words of throne hold the ground

Didn't they tell all will be well and good?
Goons will not beat the innocents with sticks
And machetes but will bring delicious food
Dangerous roads will be cleaned, free of freaks

You have the full freedom of expression
Can say anything, do peaceful protest
No one will imprison you, commotion
Will not be the norm, nor be the pretext

To maintain the peace and tranquility
Of a loving "desh", full of fragrant rose
Where ministers serve with humility
and kisses, so alive! Not comatose

Where the people have the backbone intact
Not afraid to say what has to be said
And the children can learn, play, and react
Running boys and giggling girls with black braid

August 6, 2018
Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)

This satirical poem is dedicated to the innocent protesting students of Bangladesh whose brave apolitical struggles to have safer roads is a source of inspiration for many.