Candlelight Vigils

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)

March 16, 2003

Candlelight vigils and millions of peoples’ unified voices

Ruffling through, and peace dove fluttering its spanned wings over musty air

As if its fleeing is foretold and war is foretold in a predetermined sermon

Serpent’s venom and crushing bulldozer’s demolition of homes and bones

Are all intertwined in the same fashion of predetermination of fate or hold

Aye! The forceful captain is out in shoving force

Dismantling the wings of dove or silencing people’s voices, sweet or hoarse

Are all the game of poker or other musing gambles

Jackpot if you have lucky numbers or be doomed to shambles

They want the world to burn

They want the weak to die or mourn

By the bombarded relative’s skeletons

But the candlelight vigils and millions of peoples’ unity

Not to be reckoned with ceaseless impunity or careless gesture

Thy the endless fabrication and polymerization of organic truth

These are the moment of uncouth frenzy and bamboozled hoot

Soon the bombs will be falling through the roof of the poor and classless Iraqi and sansei

And the polymerized fabrics will be worn by the shameless spin masters and flattered prodigy

To give a color of distortion over the rumpled flesh and blood of fallen and children

As if none is visible, nothing can be excavated through history and faces ashen

From the guilt and shame of butchering thousand families for organic gold