The Moment of Truth

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
March 16, 2003

This is the moment of truth
Says the leader
As if other moments were nothing
But the false breeder

Azores sees the galore of might
Glittered podiums emit the fright

History hums in the shadow
Wants to tell the story untold
On the streets of America and the world
Peace marchers growing bold

Our muffled humanity crumble
And mumble in the face of war and blood
The battle will bring more misery
And catastrophic refugee flood

The good Pope, Rabbi and Imam tried, as tried Desmond and Mandela
Their cautions and appeals are ignored
The leaders are defiant
“Baghdad must be bombed and deplored”

This is the moment of truth
Says the leader
“Follow us, worship us”
“We are the bigger”

And the peace marchers shout back, “No!”
From the Australian summer to Canadian snow
These are the people of conscience and heart
Facing the might eye to eye and taking apart
All the falsity and concocted fables and myth
With resilient truth and humbling seethe