Deep Inside an Ocean

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
August 27, 2004

Deep inside an ocean
I have seen red and blue
swimming in unperturbed devotion
that man reserves for religion's stake

For the tiny red and blue
the world above seems
a mystery, written in a tongue
understood by red and blue
not in any particular oblong
dimension, but the knowledge
is there that the world above glares,
devoid of water, lifeblood of red and blue
that the world above
is kinda, sorta
out of their world,
alien. Only the rumbling of boats
starts havoc in form of waves
or weed like net
enslaves red and blue
murmur of protests
I've heard
deep inside an ocean,
imperceptible, beyond decibel range

Deep inside an ocean
sharks roam like defiant imperialists
they follow the smell
of blood or memory,
past savoring taste of red and blue
unprotected, neglected
deep inside an ocean
plagiarized songs of humans
so adept in singing
in voice of sweet melody

Deep inside an ocean
I have seen a mirror
where my piggish face
snared and advertised in corporeal
flesh, devoid of life
only face of dead
I've seen deep inside an ocean