In Mist and Smoke -- a Poem

In Mist and Smoke

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
August 23, 2004


Was the moon poignant in the sky
tonight? Was it glowing
or clouded in mist and smoke?

Had the owl moved and fluttered
its wings or perched on a branch
like a quiet dismissive bloke?

Did the sun shine gorgeous
as it does in days
of summer and slumber?

Had the evening arrived in flash
marching ahead
of a great thunder?


What is it that transforms
a perfect morning
into shadowy fog?

What is it that changes
a nostalgic breeze
into memory hog?

You may say
it is nature or god
behind everything

You may rhyme
theories of science
revealing light and heating

But can you explain
war and hate?

What is it that drives
murderous spate?


In mist and smoke
where blood splattered
and bones scattered
liberty and shoes lie amid
severed limbs
and heated splinter

In mist and smoke
where tears bloom red
and dejected dread
spreads thunder and horrid
anger as kings
and queens whimper

In mist and smoke
darkness may choke
when rays of moon or sun
reflect liberty's yearn