Drifting Clouds -- a Poem

Drifting Clouds

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
September 28, 2004

Still, clouds drift far above
in shifting shape of fringes
changing from white cottons
to flowing hair of princess

And the clouds drift far above
like a marching band
walking in a festive motion
of endless bland

Imagine now the land beneath
where droughts have struck potent writhe
earth has opened its cavity
like thirsty old mobile lady
pleading for water
begging for mercy
lifting hands in prayers
for sanity

Imagine now the land beneath
where floods have burst open spring heath
on river banks in levity
like a smooth serpent of pity
hissing for slaughter
writhing gramercy
holding doomsayers'
glance of clarity

Still, clouds drift far above
sometimes in frenzied thunder
drenching the land and child below
sometimes in mute timidity
tiptoeing like a new bride
in a morning glow