Sound of Suave Lore -- a Poem

Sound of Suave Lore

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
October 27, 2005

Rush, rush, rush the way
and bring me slush of clay
Silly rhyme, meaningless rhythm
on a day of rain and chasm

Suave gentlemen walking by
hand in hand with gorgeous sly
lady and children carrying bags
clapping, laughing amidst bickering nags

You stand there like an wavering tree
staring at the empty lobby
spotless floor, uniformed bellmen
chattering away a day of brewed zen

Sound of guitar, piano muffled
washing lonesome spirit and baffled
heart in a sweeping flush
as if clay of slush
or slush of clay
rush the way
to a rhythmic lore

Don't you dare to snore
on an empty floor!