"The Warlord" in Latin America

Home made cowboy hats, elegant prawn salads and that special prime Brazilian steak! Sound grand and yummy! Neatly tucked away from all the angry protests in the streets, Mr. Bush and his jovial associates dance with the rhythm of samba, cuddle the amazon miniaturized forest, while the ever hopeful Brazilian President Lula "hopes the visit will boost both Brazil's international profile and its chances of a seat on the UN security council. He described the new "strategic alliance" between Brazil and the US as a "historic moment" and the first step towards creating a "global biofuel market"."

"Yet anger was the popular reaction. Hours before Mr Bush touched down in Sao Paulo protests broke out across Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro the US consulate was spattered with red paint. In Porto Alegre protesters burned George Bush dolls. The centre of Sao Paulo erupted in violence."

Read the full article from The Guardian link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,,2030716,00.html