Conscience and Eugenics

What is the name of the disease that evaporates conscience from human mind? Where is that rumbling hyena, with its blood soaked teeth, scavenging the flesh from carrions, mingling in a disciplined pack of brethren, in ecstatic delight from the pure joy of ripping last bits of life out of a weaker prey? Law of jungle, animal's basest instincts are in shrouded display from pioneer scientists, in measured words of reductionism, propelling the age old prejudiced notions of inferiority of fellow human beings from distant places, or perhaps having not so lighter color of skin. Who are we to judge the make up of next generations of our world? What determines the criteria for the selection of "superior genes"? Would the "extreme social application of genetics" be ever be "fair" and non-predatory like the howling hyenas? Would there be expendables, undesirables be classified and sorted out for the sole dictates of power elites?

Scientists with enormous impacts from their life long contributions to science and for the overall progress of our world and its inhabitants are not out of this world. Like the rest of world populace, they are within the boundary of social pressure, deep inherent prejudices from which some of whom never able to escape. Higher education does presume to "enlighten" human beings with repeated and deep introspections on various aspects of our life and surrounding visible and invisible environment. Sometimes, for reasons that need further explorations, "higher education" fails its goal of enlightening educators and fellow scientists, similar to various ancient scriptures' failure to bring ancient wisdoms in the forms of understandable metaphors for the unity, coherence and stability of our human family.

Is it our inherent nature to be vicious and being predatory? Can the human populace differentiate itself from the brute law of jungle, from hyenas ripping apart skeletal carrions? Is it necessary to be ego thumping maniac?

Perhaps the answer lies in the deepest corner of our still misunderstood codes of genetics. In flaring neurons, cellular machineries, mitochondrial wall, or perhaps something still yet to be discovered and understood.