I am creating artificial life, declares US gene pioneer

Craig Venter is not an unknown scientist, his privatized research on DNA in the 90s that was a parallel to publicly funded Human Genome Project using "Shotgun Sequencing", but his goal was to make that project named Celera for commercial purposes. In 2002 he got fired from his own founded company "Celera in early 2002 after it became clear that selling genome data would not become profitable and Venter resisted efforts by the company board to change the strategic direction of the company."

Todays' The Guardian has a news article on Craig Venter and his new ventures. Out of the laboratory chemicals he has created the first artificial life form on earth made from first synthetic chromosome. Within the next few weeks, Mr. Venter will announce more detail on this achievement, surely sparkling more charged debates on ethics and morality issues and possible lack of or inherent safeguard utilized or not for the first artificial life form that can be construed as only the beginning, only to be followed by more exotic artificially created life forms. The positive potential from his experiment can quite possibly change the gloomy predicted outcomes of our world, producing alternative energy from modified or synthetic microorganisms, affecting directly on global warming, but with these "positiveness" come other not so rosy possibilities, like never before contemplated bio-weapons that can be unimaginably more destructive than all present destructive weapons created by warring human beings.

Possibilities are limitless, as miseries are.

I am creating artificial life, declares US gene pioneer