"....because I can be anything." - Naheed Nenshi

“My greatest hope is that this morning … kids from across the city – northeast to southwest, every ethnicity, every income level, every neighbourhood, every single one of those kids – say, ‘what a country we live in, what a city we live in, because I can be anything.’” - Naheed Nenshi
Didn't know anything about Naheed Nenshi only a few days ago. It was just a local municipal election in Calgary, but seems to be history making in the province of Alberta. His win as a member of visible minority in a city quite unfairly reputed to be too conservative has shattered that myth. Perhaps this is the moment of progressive movement in this city of Chinook and Stampede.

An articulate charming man with stellar resume supported by his prestigious degrees from University of Calgary and Harvard University, upper level consulting experiences in a corporation and United Nations, had put him far above the league from the other candidates, though, it was not only a few days ago before the election, the momentum had started shifting toward his smartly run campaign.

Perhaps Mr Naheed Nenshi is no Barak Obama, but he has huge potential realizing dreams and hopes of many Calgarians in a collaborative city council (hoping), resolving myriads of problems this increasingly diverse city is facing.

The following article published in The Globe and Mail gives a good glimpse of this new and energetic leader of Alberta: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/naheed-nenshi-change-calgary-believed-in/article1764506/