"Cell Phone" in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Movie

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6a4T2tJaSU

Whole world seems to have already watched this video. The lady talking with a cell phone in 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie. I have watched it a couple of times. It's strange. Cell phone itself is not an isolated device, it needs cell phone tower and other networking mechanics in place to have it worked, at least that's how today's cell phone works. Unless this "cell phone"of 1928 could also transmit through time, it would have to be completely different and superior technology than our twenty first century understanding reveals. Here is a comment on this topic: "....the no cell towers theory lets me see how small-minded a lot of people can be in relation to the subject. The fact that the video is focusing on what could be a time traveller, should instantly point out that if that someone had the technology and ability to do so, then they would also have the technology to communicate without the needs we have today for mobile networks."

Though the possibility is that the person in this movie is simply talking to himself or herself, just holding her left ear with an ear device, but as the video producer and the first identifier of this snippet George Clarke addresses, the way the device was on hold by left fingers and palm, it seems to be identical way most of us hold a cell phone while talking over it.

This is a mystery of possible time traveling. Or a clever video forgery.