Bhalo Achi Bhalo Theko - Instrumental Music of a Popula Bangla Romantic Song Written by the Poet Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah

This is instrumental music of a popular romantic Bangla song written by poet Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah. Most possibly it was composed sometime in the decade of 1980s.

Bangla Lyric:

আমার ভিতর বাহিরে অন্তরে অন্তরে
আছো তুমি হৃদয় জুড়ে
ঢেকে রাখে যেমন কুসুম
পাপড়ির আবরণে ফসলের ঘুম
তেমনি তোমার নিবিড় চলা
মরমের মূল পথ ধরে
পুষে রাখে যেমন ঝিনুক
খোলসের আবরণে মুক্তোর সুখ
তেমনি তোমার গভীর ছোঁয়া
ভিতরের নীল বন্দরে
ভালো আছি, ভালো থেকো
আকাশের ঠিকানায় চিঠি লিখ
দিও তোমার মালা খানি
বাউল এর এই মন টা রে

English Transliteration:

Aamar Bhitor Bahire Ontore Ontore
Achho Tumi Hridoy Jure
Dheke Rakhe Jemon Kusum
Paprir Aborone Phosoler Ghum
Temni Tomar Nibir Chola
Moromer Mul Poth Dhore
Pushe Rakhe Jemon Jhinuk
Kholosher Aborone Muktor Sukh
Temni Tomar Gobhir Choaa
Bhitorer Nil Bondore
Bhalo Achhi, Bhalo Theko
Akasher Thikanay Chithi Likho
Dio Tomar Mala Khani
Baul Er Ei Mon Ta Re

My rough English Translation without preserving the prosody:

My inside and outside, from beginning and end of the soul
You reside in the entire heart

The way the ovule is covered
Harvest's sleep is under the petal's curtain
That's the way is your silent movement

The way the oyster is preserved
In its cover is the bliss of the pearl
That's the way is your deep touch
Inside, in blue harbour

I am fine, hoping you are fine
Write letter addressing the sky
Give your sole garland
To this soul of a baul (sufi).

Note: Here possibly the poet meant "baul" as a spiritual person. An alternative meaning could be as the wanderer.