Instrumental music of a Bangla rock song "Chand Tara Shurjo Nou Tumi"

Instrumental music of a Bangla rock song "Chand Tara Shurjo Nou Tumi". It was originally composed and performed by one of the most revolutionary rock bands from Bangladesh called "Miles" sometime in the decade of 1990s.

Song lyrics in Bangla and English:

chaad tara shurjo nao tumi
(You are not the moon or the sun)
noy pahari jharna
(nor the water falls of the mountain)
jodi boli phool tobuo hobay bhool
(If I say flower then still it will be wrong)
tomar tulona hoyna
(No comparison exists for you)
tumi na alay, ai prithibi amar
(If you don't come, this world of my)
harabey aapon thikana
(Will lose its own address)
judi duray raow, shapnagulo amar
(If you stay afar, all the dreams of mine)
bhengey jabey janona
(Will break down, don't you know)
tomar kotha, bhebey ami,
(Thinking of you, I)
golpo kabita aar kabbo lekhi
(Write stories, poems and long poems)
tomar chokhay cheye thekay
(Looking at your eyes)
shundor amar prithibi dekhi
(I look at my beautiful world)
ahaaaa aaa aaa aa
jibon cholar pothay jani
(On the path of life's journey I know)
tumi prothom dieycho dekha
(You are the first one appeared)
bhool bujhay kono dino
(By misunderstanding, any days,
amay tumi korona eka
(Don't make me live alone)
ahaaaa aaa aaa aaa