Rocket Man vs Con Man - a Poem

Rocket man goes
Look at me, look at my shiny toys
They fly higher, girls and boys
I am the scariest, craziest loon
Can eat ice cream without the spoon
My dancing is the best and daring
As my frown frazzles the fools blaring
Idiotic tirade at me and my people
Who have freedom like the best sheeple

Con man goes
Look at me, look at my grimy palm
While I scare the hell out of calm
My toys are bigger, stronger, snappy
I have the smartest brain from almighty
My loud mouth is the coolest and caring
As my cold stare rattles the louts flaring
Nonsensical protests at my twittering policy
I love liberty and life for the docile polity

A toddler goes
Toddle, toddle, toddle
I am walking! Don't befuddle!
Cuddle me! Hug me!
Me! Me! Me! Me!
Feed me and stop watching TV
Daddy! The Rocket and the Con Man
Are too naughty to play