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They are uprooted from their burnt out villages. Their schools are demolished. Homes are ransacked and bombarded. Malnourished children fleeing with persecuted parents. The faces of traumatised Rohingyas, begging, pleading for help. Thousands of them drowned in sea while attempting to flee by boat and many more died in jungle camps, many of these are run by brutal people smugglers.

And when the news of ethnic cleansing started pouring out of Myanmar, the Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's response was shocking as she takes the trumpeted "fake news" to brush aside the concern.

How easy has it become to brand any valid concerns and the gross violation of human rights of citizens as "Fake News"! Aung San Suu Kyi is respected worldwide because of her historical struggle against the military dictator of her nation and her success to curtail that dictatorship, however not fully as the military still controls Myanmar in reality.

Rohingyas live in a country that does not acknowledge them as citizens. Rohingyas flee to its bordering nation, like Bangladesh and India, in many cases they are allowed to enter, but in many other cases they are pushed back.

How will this problem be resolved?

Only way that this problem can be resolved I believe if Myanmar gets fully democratic without depending on military running the nation in any scope or shape.

The next step is to grant Rohingyas full citizenship right in Myanmar. Call Rohingyas not from Myanmar is ludicrous when many generations of Rohingyas are living in Myanmar for centuries. During British India time and also before, no enforced international boundary existed between Arakans and Bengals. Rohingyas are legitimate inhabitants of Myanmar.

The third step is to establish United Nations sponsored peace keepers to ensure that violence against Rohingyas stop completely.

It's good that some international agencies are documenting the violence against Rohingyas. This is needed to keep the Myanmar government accountable and its responsibility to protect all its inhabitants equally.

Here is an article published in The Guardian that presents some of the atrocities: Massacre at Tula Toli - Rohingya recall horror of Myanmar army attack.