Algorithm to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn

The story of Piotr Wozniak, his devising of computer algorithm and software to facilitate learning and retaining that learning in memories for long time is fascinating, and is written superbly by writer Gary Wolf in Wired Magazine.

Human beings' successes in this world are mostly due to the desire to learning and acquiring new knowledge. Piotr Wozniak's software SuperMemo promises to retain knowledge, "It predicts the future state of a person's memory and schedules information reviews at the optimal time."

Here is how SuperMemo works:

"SuperMemo is a program that keeps track of discrete bits of information you've learned and want to retain. For example, say you're studying Spanish. Your chance of recalling a given word when you need it declines over time according to a predictable pattern. SuperMemo tracks this so-called forgetting curve and reminds you to rehearse your knowledge when your chance of recalling it has dropped to, say, 90 percent. When you first learn a new vocabulary word, your chance of recalling it will drop quickly. But after SuperMemo reminds you of the word, the rate of forgetting levels out. The program tracks this new decline and waits longer to quiz you the next time."

Here is Wozniak's checklist for acquiring knowledge with "supreme" efficiency: "You must clarify your goals, gain knowledge through spaced repetition, preserve health, work steadily, minimize stress, refuse interruption, and never resist sleep when tired."

Read Gary Wolf's article from this link below: