Unleashing the Bugs of War

"Thank heaven for DARPA" -- Cheney's words are meaningful. "Thank heaven for DARPA" for the Internet age. It has also made warfare more vicious, tilting the balance toward technology savvy warriors and their strategists, but, this shifting of balance seems to be momentary, as like in evolution, competitive edge gets pressure from opposing forces, other methods gets into actions, like asynchronous warfare, etc., as if natural selection is in play that will sometimes in future may or may not weed out the "inferior" or losers, or the battle may continue for unforeseen ages.

In the mean time, in our world and time, new technologies are being born in laboratories, like cyborg type bugs. These bugs are being raised from their caterpillar and pupae stage embedded with mechanical components deep inside tissues, for "reliable" tissue-machine interface. The hope of the "strategists" is to employ these hybrid bugs into warfares, collecting information from opposing forces in innocuous manners, and possibly using them as lethal forces as well, but that scenarios are put in lid for now.

All the "good" intentions had in the past tendency of going awry. Could this hybrid bugs turn against its creators, or could they be adapted by opposing forces, lowering the levels of bar of warfare, in ethical and human cost terms to so much low, that "hybrid" cyborg world of tomorrow may unleash unimaginable violences, perhaps, this may be the first glimpse of futuristic warfare between men and machine?

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Unleashing the Bugs of War