Military dictating no good for country, armed forces

Justice Habibur Rahman nailed the point that many others so called "intellectuals" dare to speak against the present military backed government in Bangladesh.
"The present government will have to shoulder the responsibility for the undemocratic situation it has created in the country by altering the democratic system"
Corruption in Bangladesh is a reality. Holding the corrupted politicians, hooligans and "businessmen" who amassed ill-gotten wealth through their shady political connection with former parties in charge of Bangladesh, is a necessity for any future progress in this impoverished nation. The present military backed government might have good intentions in the beginning, but the very fact still remains that power is corrupting itself, and if not checked with democratic means, the anti-corruption drives may become thwarting political opponents for the benefit of creating another emerging political force or parties, like it happened when BNP came to power after Sheikh Mujib's sudden assassination, or when Ershad's Jatiya Party came to power after Ziaur Rahman's untimely demise.

Cautions uttered by Justice Habibur Rahman have urgency that should be heard by power brokers at faraway places who perhaps are managing the puppets like master puppeteers:
"Justice Habibur said he is concerned whether power will be handed over to an elected government after smooth holding of the ninth parliamentary elections at this year's end.

He cautioned that increasing discrimination in the society in the present situation when prices of essentials have gone beyond people's purchasing capability will increase instability and "there is possibility of being attracted to religious terrorism for its solution".

Habibur said the present famine-like situation could become permanent if reforms to and management of agriculture and water resources cannot be developed."
Will anyone heed to these warnings?