I don't know whether it was sang by Michael Jackson or not, but there is buzz that it was him, and some say it was sung by Zain Bhikha. In any case, as Margaret Atwood discussed in her interview with Bill Moyer regarding Yann Martel's Life of Pi, a story with a "tiger" is more interesting than a story without a "tiger" in it.

I find solace in every kind of chants, may that be from Islamic tradition, Tibbetan Buddhist Monk chanting in a glorious morning beside a flowing waterfall, Hindu pilgrims devoting themselves immersing in devotional hymns, melodious chorus from Church choir in a diminishing summer weekend, or even an agnostic or atheist reciting poetry under a moon lit fireside gathering. If God is really there, would he care what "chanting" or hymns I listen to? Would "He" give preference one over other? What kind of superficial God that would be? And even if God is not there as atheist boldly proclaims and agnostics lingers on to continuous "explore", would listening to this type of chanting makes one unfit for a materialistic and "logical" world?

My mind says a resounding NO.

Give Thanks To Allah