Richard Dawkins - BBC HARDtalk

Whether one believes in a "God", "Religion", or "nothing", the question remains still to be explored more, even if one wishes to keep his or her belief system intact, or one wants to go to a new learned direction, the debate is not between "good" and "evil", but between remaining "in the dark" or "seeing the light" for the first time. In some parts of our world these types of questionings are considered "blasphemy" punishable by life long incarceration or if worse come worse, languishing in a death chamber. One doesn't need to agree with everything Dr. Richard Dawkins writes or say, but he does indeed needs a careful audience, at least. I haven't seen the entire video series below. When I do, I hope to comment on their contents.

Links to a series of videos from BBC's Hard Talk show this year are given below.

Richard Dawkins - BBC HARDtalk Part1

Richard Dawkins - BBC HARDtalk Part2

Richard Dawkins - BBC HARDtalk Part 3