Reinvent Your Life

The following article published in The Washington Post is balanced in its pro and cons on "starting up", "reinventing" one's life of dullness and mundane repetitions. It takes courage to take the leap. It takes inner strength breaking away from rusted but stifling chains one is anchored with. There is no certainty that the "new life" will bring "success" or "happiness". There is every bit of possibility of being more miserable in that uncertain process. Here is an excerpt from this must read article:

"When you go through deep change, it doesn't matter if you're wrong," Quinn says. "It matters that you're moving."

There are times in one's life where we either make a frightening change or continue to die a slow death.

"People will go to great lengths to deny that the external world is changing and needs something else from us," Quinn says. "We will just stay in the pattern we've traditionally succeeded at. If we do that when the world is calling for something else, there's usually a breaking point where we can't function anymore, and then we're forced into some form of that deep change. . . .

"There's great exhilaration in the new identity that starts to form, a greater alignment with the environment you're in. You expand your consciousness, your awareness and your capacity. That's always very exhilarating."

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Reinvent Your Life