This $900 Million Bet Has Global Traders Talking

this is a monster trade because it controls 12,000,000 SPY shares. In fact, at a blended price of $7,500 per option, this works out to a $900 million bet that will play out by Sept. 21, when these options expire.

since the trade first came to light about a week ago, the professional trading community I’m a part of has been abuzz with conjecture. That alone makes this a highly unusual trade because – like any small, professional community – we can usually figure out who’s doing what to whom and why – without even having to rely on more than one or two educated guesses. We just know.

But this time around, nobody’s talking.

Why haven’t you heard about this on your favorite cable TV money show, or read about it in the business section of your favorite newspaper?
That was my question too? Why hasn't any news on this large scale and unusual trading seen in the news media? "... with nobody talking, there are simply no warm bodies to interview", why isn't anybody talking? What is it really about?

This $900 Million Bet Has Global Traders Talking…